Treatment method of fingertherapy

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Treatment method of fingertherapy

Treatment method of fingertherapy

The location of the practice

The back of any finger, from the root of the fingernail to the proximal interphalangeal joint.(Figure 1.)

Figure 1. Practicing region

Figure 2.  Acu-press pellets

Figure 3. After practice

Method of the Finger Therapy

  • 1. Using a sharp peak instrument (such as a toothpick), start from the nail root, move gently toward the proximal interphalangeal joint while pressing it. Search for the points where the patient feels a sharp pang. The patient should identify these points.
  • 3. The number of points does not matter. If the points are not found at once, repeat the procedure up to three times. 
  • 4. Acu-press pellets(Figure 2.) are attached to that point.
  • 5. Keep the pallets on until they are taken off spontaneously. It usually takes 3 to 5 days(Figure 3.). 
  • 6. Symptom disappears within 2-3 seconds.

Attention: Only practice when symptoms are present. Practitioner and patient can recognize that symptom has disappeared.

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