Treatment experienced diseases

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Treatment experienced diseases

Treatment experienced diseases

Example of the cured diseases

The finger therapy solves many illnesses simultaneously in a person.

Diseases of Musculoskeletal system

A type of joint pain, including, shoulder, elbow, wrist, interphalangeal, hip, knee, ankle, temporomandibular. The back pain, including low part and pelvis. The herniated disc pain, including neck, lumbar. The muscle and bone pain. A carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, frozen shoulder, pelvic neuritis, trigger finger. A cold, weak or hot sensation on extremities or body. One sided sensation between Rt. and Lt. side. A weak, numbness or heavy sensation on the body.

Diseases of Internal Medicine

A headache, dizziness, chronic fatigue syndrome, narcolepsy, facial edema in the morning. An esophageal achalasia, correction for anti-peristalsis in the stomach. The pain in the thorax, abdomen(upper, middle, lower). dyspepsia. The weak sensation in the body(asthenia), chest throbbing(F/65,July,3rd,2010), acute hepatitis(B typed suspected,July,7th,2010), myalgia and chillness. (July 30th,2010),symptom of hyperthyroidism(2010.12.17.), Raynaud's phynomena(2011.01.21.), hand tremor(75/M Duration: six months; 2011. 1.22), asthma(75/F, duration 45 years: 2011. 3. 9.), Alzheimer's Disease in early stage(80/M; 2011. 3.14.), Head tremor(5 months, 55/M;2011.4.1.)& etal., side effect of Covid-19 vaccination(chest discomfort).

Diseases of Otolaryngology

Rhinitis, sinusitis (especially chronic), snoring, tonsillitis, sore throat, tympanitis, ear pain, tinnitus ( 16,, 16 years old), hearing improvement (in Otosclerosis), throat irritation, excessive secretion of saliva. Hearing hypersensitivity (sound ringing), abnormal smell correction (stinky smell, smell of fish rot, etc.).

Diseases of Urology

Urinary stones pain, external reproductive pain, prostate hypertrophy, prostatitis, cystitis.

Diseases of Dermatology

Dermatosis, skin symptoms of eczema, dermographism, shingles pain, allergic skin disease, itching caused by lacquer and corn pain.

Diseases of Pediatric

Atopic dermatitis (symptom relief), chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, and nocturia.

Diseases of Ophthalmology

Conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome, and dim case, stye, sand are sensory, vision improvement, astigmatism, presbyopia, eye shivering, glare, glare correction (2010.7.6), and excessive tear secretion (68/female). 

Diseases of gynecology

Menopausal syndrome, lower abdominal pain (pelvic inflammation), external reproductive pain, menstrual pain, urinary incontinence, and vaginal prolapse.

Diseases of neurology

Parkinson's disease (70s male, 2008). When the left and right sides of the body are heavy. Or if the lower extremity is weak. In the case of heartbreaking and shortness of breath (2010.07.02) Parkinson's disease (85/female, 2 months; 2011 3.18), a woman in her 60s who is unable to speak after stroke. March 30, 2011, facial nerve palsy (contraction type) (40s/female, 2012.9) and hiccups (50s male, September 12, 2012,).

Dental problem

Gum pain, tooth and gum cold, and post-traumatic malocclusion. Pain after extraction (30s, September 12, 2012), shaking of adjacent molars after extraction of molars (50s, October 12, 2012).

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